Burgundy Evening and a Funny Thought

It is very early Saturday morning and I have a big day of making jams planned. I love to get up early and putter around my kitchen with a fire going sipping my coffee. Before I start the jams which will be another post I wanted to remember last night.

RT and I had a wonderful evening in our little town. The town has quieted down with most of the summer vacationers gone. It won’t be long though until the skiers start arriving. Last night we went out to eat at one of our favorite spots. Bistro 45. We love to sit outside at this casual café. We ordered a spinach salad and a roast beef sandwich with horseradish. My husband enjoyed a short cigar while we visited.

While RT was getting ready to go out I took a few pictures of what I wore. I spent the night with a friend last weekend in the city and we had such a good time. While shopping I found this beautiful burgundy sweater and lace top along with these amazingly comfortable jeans (all White House Black Market). The sweater has little pockets on each side and is the softest fabric. I wore a little heart necklace given to me by RT a long time ago but is one of my favorites. Vince Camuto booties, a silver cuff from Mazatlán, and my D&B bag finished the look.

I am having so much fun learning to use the timer on my camera and a tripod for picture taking. My camera is a FUJI but it has so many settings that it is a little overkill for me. It seems like pictures keep coming out fuzzy. I guess I need to work on that.

I wanted to end this post with a funny thought I had while hiking yesterday. You always hear you turn into your parents when you become a parent. I think you turn into your parents when you become a grandparent. I just called my grandson knucklehead and told him I could pull his lose tooth with my pliers! Definitely sounding like my dad! I never said stuff like that to my kids. I think they would you put in jail for saying things like that to your kids! What the heck is a knucklehead?

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