Long Time No Post

I haven’t been so motivated lately to share what I am wearing because it involves a lot of old shorts and t-shirts with paint all over them. We have been painting a lot the last few weeks. First we painted our media room a color called Sly Fox. I love the names of paints. It really looks like Cinnamon. I am so happy with how it turned out. I want to be in the room more often now and find it a relaxing atmosphere.

Next we painted one of the guest bathrooms. It was a minty green color that I have never appreciated. We painted it rich earthy golden orange color. I can’t remember the color name. But it turned out so warm and inviting. I added some décor, all stuff I had around the house and we put in new lighting.

Next I want to paint our bedroom. It is the same color as most of the house, a plain tan. It has lovely stone work around the fireplace that is also tan and I thought a rich color would make it pop. So I picked out a color called Model T. I also like a color called Vintage Frame. They are both a version of a very dark blue steel. They are so different and pretty and will match my existing drapes and bedding.

Bedroom project

Last I want to paint my laundry room. I think I like a color called Dancing Bear the most. I already have cute curtains I made a few years ago. They are a stagecoach window style.

Love Dancing Bear

Stagecoach curtains

Another fun project I have been working on is my entry. It is very large and kind of plain. I wanted to warm it up and make it more inviting. We hung drapes on the side windows and got these darling metal horse pull backs. I added some décor and like the results. A future project is to patina the copper inserts in the door.

Next week I head to the Midwest to visit family. I am very excited since it has been a long time since I have seen them.

Thanks for stopping by!