Old is the new New!

Ha! That is not a very original title but it made me smile. I thought it would be fun to do a post on the what I call “Treasures.” These are items that I have found in our local thrift shops. We have two shops in town and my favorite supports the regional animal shelter. It is called McPaws and if you ever want to donate to an important cause this is a good place.

This first item I have to share is my Irish Coffee Mugs. They are in perfect condition and I got a set of six. I can’t remember what I paid but it was very little. The gold rims are still in tack and the green lettering sparkles. Believe me I have used these sweet little mugs often in the cold dark winter months.

I was so excited to find this chair for $50.00. It is in almost perfect condition and the fabric is quality with a fly fishing scene. It is comfy and fits in our mountain home like it was meant to be.

Fly Fishing Tapestry.

I saw this adorable Martini set and knew I had to take it home. The documentation that came with it said it was handmade. It is all glass with olives painted here and there. Again it is so fun to have a Martini in a found treasure.

Handmade Glass.

This shelf was something my husband spotted and pointed out to me. The minute I saw it I knew where it would be hung. It makes me smile every time I look at it and how it fits next to our bar. It is solid iron and hand crafted.

Iron shelf.

I couldn’t pass up this pair of Brandy glasses. They too have the gold rim still in tack and have a bit of weight to them so they feel substantial in your hand. You feel quite worldly sipping out of such a pretty glass.

Brandy glasses.

Brandy glasses.

Our most recent acquisition was this wooden lamp for $15.00. It wouldn’t work just anywhere but in our mountain style home it adds more of the rustic outdoors feel that we enjoy.

Wooden Lamp.

There is nothing more fun than discovering little treasures while supporting a worthy cause. These items have a lot of meaning to us, memories of the search, excitement of the find and pleasure in the use. I think I will continue this little hobby for a long time.

Thanks for stopping by!