Race for the Cure!

Saturday May 10th is the Race for the Cure in Boise. I try to run this 5K each year to help raise money for Breast Cancer research. It is a very little thing I can do. I love to do this 5K mostly because I can. It feels so good to run and feel the wind in your hair, and the strength in your legs propel you forward. I feel like it is a gift to be able to move this way.

My motivation quote.

When I was young I remember my mom saying, “Cheryl has two speeds, run and asleep.” At the time I thought it was funny but now I see how true it is. To this day I can’t sit for more than a few minutes without a strong desire to move. So I move around all day at top speed and then at night I am ready to fall asleep very fast. My husband will look at me chatting away and then all of a sudden he laughs and says, “My girl is turning into a pumpkin.” He thinks it is very funny how fast I go from alert to asleep.

One of the trails I am blessed to get to run.

So tomorrow morning, my best time of day, I will be full of energy. I hope I can run ten minute miles. I feel good and think I can. I am so grateful for the opportunity. I will keep running for as long as I physically can; for those who can’t. Everyone is offered gifts from God, it is our responsibility to find them and use them. Some gifts are in the form of art, some in music, and the list goes on. Never think you don’t have a gift that matters, because we all do and we can use them for good.

I’ll update you on how it goes.

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