Random Mountain Musings

You would think I could make more blog posts with all the little unusual happenings in my mountain existence. I have been so busy, yet find time to be very lazy also. I’m reading two books. Manor of Death, a fun book about a ghost, a murder and interior decorating! By Leslie Caine, see here. She has lots of books that are light reading and fun. I am also reading, French Women Don’t Get Facelifts: The Secret of Aging With Style by Mireille Guiliano, see here. It is a very fun read.

I know you should never mess with the wild but we went to a barbecue last weekend and our friends have a fox that visits them on their back deck every time they have a barbecue and I am guessing anytime they eat outside. It is a very cute little female and it was so hard to resist when I was asked if I wanted to let her take an egg off my lap.

Almost there.


Last Saturday we decided to smoke ribs, make spicy coleslaw and our favorite chocolate cake. It always turns out a little ugly but my sweet husband eats the caved in part first to make it look so much better. He takes a hit for the team!

Rustic Cake is a nice way to put it.

Today I spent two hours finding these! It is early yet and morels are small. But over the next week or so I should hit the pot of gold. I put on my old clothes and head out to where tried and true each year we find them. Toss them in a little flour and fry in a little olive oil and you have a taste that is rare and should never be passed up.

Mountain Morels

These tops are by Gretty Zueger see here. I have bought a few in different colors over time from the cutest shop called Mountain Monkey Business, website here.  It is a small boutique full to bursting with unique fashion and jewelry and more. If I had a shop I would want it to be just like this one. It has been in McCall for many years and I am sure is a favorite of locals and vacationers alike.

Turquoise and Pumpkin with lovely embroidery work.

Lastly, meet Tory! I love this bag so much that I named her after her designer. The color makes me smile and think of my hometown fair in September. Its called New Carnival.

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Meet Tory!