Simple Spring Weekend

Our weekend was busy and enjoyable. We had the best weather since last fall. It was sunny and in the upper 60s and low 70s. For fun we flew to McCall, Idaho on Friday evening and then on Saturday we flew to Jackpot, Nevada for lunch at the casino. We took our uncle Myron with us; he is such a nice man and always fun.  The ride was very smooth until we were about 10 minutes from landing in Jackpot when it got fairly bumpy. It was all safe and exciting and I knew I was in good hands with the pilot (my husband).

Left to right: Uncle Myron and Pilot RT

Sunday we met old friends and some new friends for lunch at Sunrise Café in Boise on State St. where the food was old fashioned and perfect as always! We also went to the garden store and bought a rose bush, two lilac bushes, and two hydrangea bushes to plant this spring. This evening I am going to grill chicken and veggies for dinner because tomorrow there will be change in the air. We have high wind advisories and temps only in the 40s in the forecast. It is kind of depressing but I am mostly grateful for the beautiful weekend.

Last Thursday I put together this fun outfit and asked my photographer (my husband) to take some shots for a blog post. It was quite comical because I was falling when I was trying to pose and they really didn’t turn out that flattering. But it is what it is. Check out the bloopers, just hover over the pictures to see the text on the slide show. You can also click through them.

My outfit  is a Cynthia Rowley top from Ross bought  last summer; the jeans are Lucky brand that I bought at Again Consignment in Eagle, ID. The shoes are Ivanka Trump (Natalie) in nude suede. I love these shoes. They go with everything. The jewelry is very inexpensive from Kohls. I love silver and platinum but a few seasons ago when gold was getting popular I thought I needed a few pieces so I went to Kohls. I got this necklace, earrings and a watch for when I need a little (not real) gold.


You will notice that I often have a glass of wine in my photos. The experts say you need a prop when taking pictures. For health reasons I measure out 5 ounces to savor each night (most nights). Some say it is good for you, some say it is bad for you, so I try the moderate route. One of my mottos is “Everything in moderation.” Don’t deny yourself the things you love. And sometimes you just have to celebrate the good life!

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