Brighten up the Day

It is usually sunny here in the mountains. It will snow a lot but almost everyday you see the sun for a little while. I wanted to send a picture to “How I Wear My: Pink” to Adrienne at The Rich Life on a Budget. This is my first time participating and I was excited to wear my pink coat for the picture. But the sun was not coming out this weekend it seemed. Finally, I put on my coat and went out in the snow for pictures. It was still bright outside so they came out ok but as soon as I came inside and put on my sweats to workout, the sun came out. I called for my photographer (hubby RT) to standby! I ran and put on another outfit, grabbed my sunglasses and went out in the sun for a shoot! What fun. I absolutely love the sun. 

My first outfit is all really old clothes. Pink coat: Metro Style bought 8 to 9 years ago from Chadwicks. Floral leopard blouse: bought at Again Consignment shop in Eagle, ID. Jeans: Lucky bought 9 years ago. Boots: bought at Maurice’s 10 years ago. You would think I keep things a long time but really if I don’t use something for six months it is out the door. 

When I was young, I loved pink. I wore pink and adored pink. As I got older I decided pink was too immature for me and gravitated away to the point I owned almost no pink at all. I am so happy that pink is popular and thought to be a color worn well by mature women. I am adding pink to my wardrobe again and it brings happy feelings.

My second outfit is newer except for the coat. The t-shirt is a funny story. I bought it online when I saw it on a fellow blogger. I thought it said Celine, but when it arrived in the mail I saw that it reads C’ELFIE. I am not sure what that even means. But, C’est la Vie! The Calvin Klein jeans were purchased last fall at Costco and the boots bought last fall at Macy’s, they are Vince Camuto. 

Anyway that was my excitement for the day.

Thanks for stopping by!