Christmas Boots!

Other than the peace and happiness of my family, friends and the world I only wanted one thing for Christmas. A pair of OTK boots! In particular, a pair I have seen a lot in Blogsphere. They are by Louise et Cie. I have read that the designer is the wife of Vince Camuto. Anyway, I don't usually ask my husband for things for Christmas but this year I found these boots on sale and told him I would love to have them. Sweet man that he is, I received my beautiful boots yesterday. I wasn't sure I would be comfortable wearing OTK boots but I thought I should try. I love them and after wearing them a while, find them very comfortable. I put them with a grey Vince Camuto sweater, skinny jeans from Old Navy and a scarf from Target. I was so pleased with the casual look that I had to do a quick post.

Thanks for stopping by!