There is nothing I enjoy more than transformation. I love to take anything and just by moving it, painting it, or even turning it upside down, make a different look. This is true for what I wear, cooking and home decorating. I love change, my eyes crave to see art in all objects or subjects. Recently we have moved to our mountain home permanently. We used to only come on weekends and during the summer. But this year we decided we would love to enjoy all the seasons. This meant that I had to nest and make the place a real home, not just a place to spend a few days. I moved all my favorite things here and have been taking time to paint and decorate. My latest project was my home office. I have moved a lot and always make my home office a priority because it is where I make a living and dream. I am not done yet, I have a beautiful old Dutch dish cabinet that I am bringing in to place in the corner where there is now a popcorn machine. The popcorn machine belonged to a dear friend who passed away a few years ago. He loved popcorn more than anything. We treasure our memories when we look at it. It will eventually go into my husbands office when he lets me decorate it. :-)

This is the almost finished project. As I mentioned I will be bringing in a beautiful old Dutch cabinet for the corner where you now see a popcorn machine.

The floors in this house are flagstone so area rugs are a must and add so much to the decor.

This was the room before. Tan walls, no drapes, no furniture except for a desk. The portable piano was given to a new family because I brought my baby grand and put it in the great room. On another post I will show what I have done in that room. I took the upper back part of the desk off and used it as a shelf along another wall. Next to my office is an elevated room which we use as a media room. It is an interesting design but I think I have made it work well. Below you can see that behind the chair in my office are the steps up to the media room.

Stella just had a good roll on my love seat. If there is a camera in the room she seems to be there too.

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