Red Please.

I might get a little down if I let myself go there with this gloomy winter weather. I live in a very remote area in the mountains and there is not a lot going on. On the sunny days everything looks beautiful and positive but on cloudy days the world seems a little cold, harsh and lonely. So, I find something positive to think about, like the color red. I wish I could thank personally all the bloggers that have expanded my fashion pallet. Every day I learn something new and come up with ways to use what I have and make it relevant in a fashion sense. Today I saw flared jeans and a pea coat and remembered, I have both! A red pea coat no less! I also recently got a red plaid scarf. According to experts in fashion the most current way to wear a scarf is around the back of your neck hanging down the front and belted. Who I am to question this perfect look? Here are the results of my research! Black turtleneck, dark flared denim jeans, tan boots, plaid scarf, tan belt with a little tassel and my red pea coat. And since snow is imminent, I grabbed a hat.

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