Layers and Zippers.

Today I am wearing another hat, poncho, scarf and boots combination. When it is cold out, I try to find ways to layer my clothes because it is much more comfortable for me than a bulky coat. My hat is from a local boutique called Mountain Monkey Business, the scarf is from Target, my poncho is Michael Kors from Norstrom. I love the tan pockets and side zippers. I am wearing black Calvin Klein jeans and a black turtleneck as a base and my boots are old enough that I don't know where they came from. I love the faux zipper on the outside and the buckle detail. My bag is old from a local boutique in down town Boise. Please excuse the fingerless gloves, it was below freezing and I grabbed them at the last minute to work with the camera and forgot to take them off. Oopsy!

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