Shake it off.

Before I go into my outfit post I wanted to share one of my favorite songs right now. How can someone so young be so insightful I don't know but I really admire Taylor Swift's music. This song Shake It Off  should be an anthem for so many of us. People are going to judge, hate and try to run you down but all you have to do is shake it off and move on.

Speaking of shake it off, we got about an inch of snow last night. I have put off pulling out real winter outfits because I know in the mountains we will have a long winter and plenty of time to wear sweaters, coats, boots and hats. I love to look at coats but I find them very uncomfortable so today I layered sweaters and a scarf and topped it off with an awesome wool hat. I could play in the snow for quite a while in this cozy outfit.

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