Bass, No Treble

There is a new song out that I love so much, I made it my ringtone! All About That Bass is uplifting, fun, makes you smile and sing along. It also delivers a wonderful message, love the body you have. Here is the link to the video, "All About That Bass." You will sing it all day long!

Today I went another round with my now hated camera. This is the last time I will use it. I will pull out my tried and true old camera. I need a camera that shows me the way. This one sends me to places unknown.

Bear with me one more time and I will show you my outfit for the day. This is the outfit I put on after I had on a rain coat and rain boots running around the yard with the sprinklers on and putting up flags so the backhoe that was moving big rocks into my yard would not run over them. Mind you it was about 40 degrees out when I was doing this. I found it extremely funny! And if Google Earth were taking pictures at that moment they would be laughing too.

Today I had all older pieces that reminded me of Autumn colors. Corduroy pants by Dr. J in Taupe., Tommy Hilfiger button down shirt, Target cardigan. The only thing newer I was wearing was my Sole Society from Nordstrom booties. I have told you in other posts how much I love these booties. 

Rain boots from Target several years ago.

This is one of the boulders being moved in to our yard. We will plant bushes and flowers around them. 

Brought up 4 boulders today.

Changing the topic for about the fourth time. I was going to paint my nails today and the polilch was very pretty, but it was old and sticky and I made a decision to throw out all my old polish and start new. Here is what I found, all by Revlon, left to right, Stormy ( I have it on and it is perfect and my favorite. Next is Vixen and then Foxy. They are all a rich Autumn colors.

Stormy, Vixen, Foxy.

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