The last days of fall-type weather before the snow flies is bittersweet. I spend every moment I can outside, observing the beauty, feeling the mild breeze on my face and smelling the scents of pine and impending winter. Everywhere you look you see nature as it turns like a chameleon. It really is a miracle. Dressing for this kind of weather is the best fun ever. Comfort is key. Today I am wearing a down puffer vest from Costco, a pastel lavender shirt from Walmart, Calvin Klein BF jeans from a consignment shop, wedge booties from Target and a Brighton belt from our new local Brighton store. My necklace is a treasured piece of jewelry bought many years ago at a small jewelry boutique where everything was one of a kind. I bought a bracelet and ring to go with it from the same store. 

I am loving the trend of pastel this fall. Just a touch is all it takes.

I love to touch and smell everything as it transitions from summer to fall.

Meet my photography assistants, McCall and Stella! They go on all shoots with me. Maybe that says something about the quality of the photos! But we have fun!

I love these wedge booties bought last year at Target.

Go to jewelry!

New favorite belt! Sorry for the blur. Bananas!

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