Stevie Nicks Mood

We spent most of our beautiful day working outside. I realized this summer that when you live in the mountains you spend a lot of your time preparing for winter. But it is not really work, it is being active and enjoying your time no matter what you have to do. After a busy day I decided to throw together a relaxing evening outfit. I truly believe that every evening should be a celebration of the day you have had. I like to dress nice, relax with a drink and sit outside with my husband as the sun goes down over the mountains. This outfit made me think of Stevie Nicks, all flowing and casual. I am wearing suede black booties from DSW, Grey Maxi from the Gap, black top from Target, Cardigan from Chico's, a belt from Brighton's, Necklace from local shop called The Nest, Bracelet bought for Charity.

Without Belt.

Tree rounds we split into fireplace size.

Pretty little buds on the bushes.

With a belt.

Our amazing view. 

Go to booties!

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