Camo & Boots

By my title you would think I was going hunting. But no, I would never kill anything. I won't kill spiders or anything alive because I just think it is bad karma. This summer I spent half of one day chasing a huge flying bug around the house until I caught it and set it free outside. I don't need any bad karma in my life. Too much trouble in the world today. Why can't we just all get along? I don't judge those who like to hunt though. 

RT took a picture of me setting up my timer.

I got a little off topic there. This outfit post features my newest Camo shirt and even newer boots. The top was purchased at and is Sanctuary. The boots are from Nordstrom and are Sole Society. They are so cute and comfy I can't even believe it. Usually I can't wear heels around my house because I am always doing projects, cleaning, cooking, or chasing my adorable pups. I can't sit still for a minute except when I am doing research for my job. It always rings in my head, you can rest when you're dead or move it or lose it!

Thinking about my fun boots!

I put this outfit together for the day knowing I would be busy because we have guests coming for dinner. It turned out so comfortable I decided to get some pictures. Taking pictures is a big problem for me. First, I am very self conscious. I always look dorky in pictures. Second, my husband got me this really nice camera and I just can't seem to get good clear pictures with it. I have never had problems with other cameras. Lastly, I am from a generation where taking pictures of yourself is not a flattering pass time. I must be very self absorbed. I am always feeling like I have to explain myself, especially to myself! But I love to see women of all ages that are healthy, happy and sharing life. It inspires me to be a better person. I hope I can add to the conversation that we should all be seen and heard and respected. I won't get any deeper now. 

Pants are a little baggy but comfy.

My much adored doggies, McCall and Stella.

45 degrees at time of picture. Love it!

Well, it is time for me to start cooking for my guests! The highlight will be the fresh peach almond cake that just came out of the oven a few minutes ago.

Fresh Peach Cake.

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