Day one of blogging

I have been following amazing bloggers for serveral years now, and I have even experimented with a blog of my own. I just couldn't quite find my space in the blog world so I stopped. After observing other bloggers and seeing the fun they were having and the community they were a part of, I decided to jump on the band wagon again. So here I go!

I bought this top at a wonderful consignment store called Again in Eagle, ID. The jeans are Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans and the pink suede pumps are Ivanka Trump Natalie bought at Zappos. Adrienne from The Rich Life on a Budget showed the jeans and the pumps on her blog and I loved them so much I went right out and bought them. I have found that I do that a lot. When a blogger talks about a product and gives the link to it, I am in heaven!

Do you purchase products recommended by other bloggers?

Thanks for stopping by!


Me in my new pink suede pumps.