59 Like It Is

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The Scoop

So this week I realized that I am not a routine sort of person. You would think by my age I would have already figured that out. But I realized that life is about the journey for me and I am never done. I never think I can stop now this is good enough. I always wake up every day with some hair brained idea and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I am routine in that I am always thinking big picture. I am always thinking about how I can feel good health wise. I am always looking for ways to enjoy activity, ways to eat good food that is good for me and always thinking “am I fully baked?”

I look in the mirror and I see a 59-year old woman. Can I make her better? Do I need to? Do I want to?

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My Week In Exercise

My week is typical or not so typical for me. I don’t do the same thing every day much less every week.

Monday: 30 minutes of yoga followed by upper body strength training.

Up side, it felt so good to stretch. Down side, I find lifting weights boring.

Tuesday: 30 minutes of yoga, followed by lower body weights

Wednesday: 30 minute walk, 30 minutes of yoga and upper body strength training

Up side, I adore being outside and I have the most beautiful trails to walk and run on. It brings joy to my heart.

Thursday: I was sore and tired so I just worked in the yard a little. Plus I always get mild hemorrhoids when I do a new weight lifting routine. Not my best day! Ugh!

Friday: 30 minute HIIT run, 30 minutes of yoga and lower body strength training.

Up side, I love the cardio zen I feel when I get to run. Down side, I have cut back on running so I can do more strength training.

Saturday: Will be travel day and next week I will be in the mountains with a new routine.

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My Week In Food

We have been transitioning to a mostly vegetarian diet. We eat fish still but cut out beef, chicken, pork, etc. We also have cut out sugar. So I am learning how to cook a new way. In some ways it is easier but in some ways it is more difficult. It’s nice not to have to thaw and cook meat every evening but it is hard to put together flavorful dishes. But I have made some fabulous dishes that gives me hope.

I also gave up wine completely. Wow, I never thought I would do that. But the research shows it’s just not that good for me. So I am drinking a lot of iced green tea with lemon. We have given ourselves one night a week to go out to eat anything we want and drink a glass of wine. I like this because it makes going out much more fun and special.

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My Week In Beauty

You know I don’t wear a ton of make up but in these pictures I have no make up on. And I have been going a few days a week, makeup free. It is an adjustment to see myself. I am blond so my eyelashes and eyebrows are blond so its a change to see them natural. I know I sound like I’ve went off the deep end but I have not been painting my nails either. I am trying to let them grow out and strengthen product free. It’s kind of nice not to need to constantly do my nails.

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My Look

I took these pictures before my HIIT run on Friday. Everything is old and it is a really cute outfit but when I was running the leggings kept sliding off! So every time I slowed down I had to pull them up. So good on the cute factor but not so good on the function! Ha ha.

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The Purple Top

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The Scoop

I am a fun girl at heart. I love to laugh and play. If I don’t put some fun into my day I feel low. Life is just too short not to smile and feel joy. And also to be eternally grateful for good fortune. Because “But for the grace of God, there go I.” It’s hard lately. I am so sad for all the children and parents on the border being caged and treated less humane than dogs. I just think about someone taking my sons away from me when they were young. I know I would have curled up and died. I guess the only reason to keep going would be the hope you would be reunited. My heart breaks for these people who only want to make a better life for themselves and their families. Just like all our immigrant ancestors.

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My Look

Here I am wearing a fabulous purple top that has a tie in the front and is really long in the back. I love the deep purple look and think this will be the color I add to my closet this fall. I paired it with a pair of white Levis that are at least ten years old and a pair of white sandals. I got my fun bag at a thrift shop a few years ago and use it every summer. My necklace was bought at a consignment shop a few years ago. And my bracelet is from Chico’s a few years ago. I had fun mixing old, new and consigned or thrifted items for this look!

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking same top, same sandals and similar jeans and fun bag.

purple top 14.JPG

The Fun Part

I always have fun putting together a look and then taking silly pictures. It is quite a workout running and trying to pose in 10 seconds before the camera clicks. Over time I have become less worried about how the pictures turn out and use the good, the bad and the darn right silly.

This shoot was tricky because I didn’t have my contact in and I had to keep taking my glasses off and on. But it was just that much more of a challenge and fun!

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purple top 17.JPG

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Summer With Flair

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The Scoop

I am seeing a lot of flared and boot cut jeans on blogs lately. It looks like the trend is going to carry through to the fall. I read an article the other day that said sales for skinny jeans were way down this year and although they weren’t going completely away the new style was a more relaxed fit skinny jean. I like that idea and for the past year have been sizing up one size because I liked the look better. Still my favorite style of jeans is the flare or boot cut.

leo 6.JPG
leo 8.JPG

My Look

I am wearing flare jeans (old), leopard top (newish), tan mules (old), and a dark green cross body bag (new). For jewelry I am wearing a matching bracelet and earrings that I got in Mazatlan Mexico several years ago. I got the bag because the color was so pretty and I thought would be perfect to transition into fall. It is a Chloe dupe which I linked. Mine appears to be identical but sadly is out of stock. I will watch and share if I see it come back in stock.

leo 13.JPG

Create Your Own Look

I’m linking the same top and very similar options for the jeans, mules and bag. My exact bag is sold out.

leo 15.JPG

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Favorite Summer Skirt Look

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The Scoop

Every summer I pull out this skirt for a go around. I got it several years ago at a consignment shop and it is a classic that will always be in style. I love to buy classic pieces at consignment shops because you can get a quality piece at a great price and use it for years to come. And don’t you love skirts in the summer? They are so easy and I love to style them casual more than any other way.

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My Look

I’m wearing an old white button down from Walmart, skirt by Anthropologie from local consignment store called Again. It is the most beautiful skirt in the colors I love with tiny sparkling beads all over. It is fully line and so well made. My sandals are Tory Burch and my bag is Mar Y Sol from Nortstrom (old). I don’t wear much jewelry in the summer because I like the simple look and comfort of nothing touching me.

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking similar white shirts, same brand bags, same exact sandals in the color bleach and fun Anthropologie skirts. These are great skirts so always keep a look out if you don’t want to pay full price for when they are on sale, consigned or in a thrift shop.

skirt 12.JPG

Anyone know what this is?

I am always taking pictures when out walking or running and the other day I came across this beautiful bird. It let me get within ten feet without showing concern. I am not sure what it is, does anyone know? See the feather off the back of it’s head. It was so beautiful and I think around three feet tall.

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How I Styled Cropped Wide Leg Pants

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The Scoop

So I have been on a kick for trying things that I normally wouldn’t try. The wide leg cropped pants really aren’t what I would call figure flattering for me but I just wanted to see if I could make them work. I have seen some bloggers look absolutely chic in this style. As hard as I tried I didn’t make chic but I did create a look that was comfortable and fun. I am not sure I would wear this look often but it was a challenge for my creative side.

crops 4.JPG

My Look

Since I was experimenting I got the inexpensive pants at Walmart for next to nothing. Everything else but the belt bag is old. I remember when I got those Michael Kors wedges. I was so excited and I got them in navy too. They are still the most comfortable wedges I have ever worn and they still sell this exact style. They are at least four or five years old. I got the hat at a local boutique called Mountain Monkey Business and the top from the Rack. The belt bag, another experiment from Walmart. I am totally into the belt bags now. Experiment success on that one.

crops 1.JPG

Create Your Own Look

Linking same pants (comes in several colors), same shoes (also several colors), same top just different pattern. I have the linked pattern and love it too. It comes in several patterns. Same belt bag linked!

crops 12.JPG
crops 10.JPG

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Belt Bag Plus Red Sneakers Equals Summer Style and Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

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The Scoop

So this is a fun look that I wore over the weekend. It was total comfort and quite on trend. Again I share my love for the belt bag. What a simple thing to add to a look for chicness and practicality. Our highs on this day were only in the upper 60s so I grabbed an old white jean jacket. We went to town ate burgers at the gas station. They have a little cafe in the back of the local gas station that makes the best homemade burgers I have ever eaten. Then we roamed around town to walk off some of the load. ha ha.

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To Blog or Not to Blog

I just saw another blogger posting on IG about whether blogging or the social media commitment that goes along with it is worth the work. I could totally relate.

I had an IG account with over 10,000 followers and shut it down because it was all so much work and the effort seemed to only bring out the worst in humanity. Sure lots of my gal pals supported me and I supported them but the pressure to always be posting and responding was just sucking the life out of me. So I shut it down. I started a new account with the intention of blocking anyone or anything that wasn’t there for my real message but I hardly go there because I can’t keep up with all the blocking I have to do. Daily I get bots that disguise as men. It just kind of disgusts me what Zuckerberg has done with his power and what could be such a simple pleasant social sharing.

I had already shut down my Facebook and Twitter but I hesitated with IG because I thought it directed more people to my blog. But then I thought why do I blog? Not to try to get a million followers, but to express myself and use my creative energy. I want to record a little bit of who I am for my children and grandchildren. It’s my journal and now I have almost six years worth of memories. Everything from bears on my porch, to snow storms to hiking mountains and picking wild mushrooms, its all there. I like the feeling of leaving that behind. I mean meeting lovely readers was more than icing on the cake but what more did I want? You know what I discovered? Nothing! This is all I want. A fun little blog, with amazing sweet readers and a journal of some of my life.

So shutting down FB, Twitter and IG didn’t ruin my blog. It only made me feel free and fabulous! And I have loyal readers who are fun and teach me so many wonderful things. I don’t feel I have to be perfect and sharing my imperfections makes it all more fun. I am still getting new readers every week too. I don’t do any collaborations anymore either. I just do the LiketoKnow.it affiliate program because they are so nice to work with and don’t make you feel like you have to compete and they always are helping in any way they can. There are some good platforms out there. I love Pinterest but have noticed lately more and more men/bots following my boards. It feels sort of predatory. So I guess is will be next to go.

At the end of the day I have seen a lot of my favorite bloggers disappear and I think I know why.

What about you, do you enjoy these media platforms? What do you think about blogs?

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Fan Club

There is my fan club right behind me! They make me feel like a rock star!

My Look

I’m wearing a tee, sneakers and belt bag with cropped jeans and a white distressed denim jacket.

red 10.JPG

Create Your Own Look

I’m linking same sneakers, tee, belt bag and jeans and then options for the fun of it!

red 12.JPG

He’s everywhere!

I’’ll be watching you . . .

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Belt Bag? Count Me In!

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The Scoop

I have been seeing belt bags a lot lately and the wheels have been turning in my head. Do I love them? They give me flashbacks to fanny packs and that has a negative vibe for me. So I decided to get an inexpensive one and try it out. And I’m here to tell you, they are fabulous! I love the look, the versatility and the functionality. They go through your belt loops and buckle just like a belt but have this handy little bag to carry essentials.

I wore one all over town on the Fourth of July and it was perfect. It held my phone, keys, sunglasses and money perfectly leaving me hands free to enjoy the day. Oh gosh how have I gone so long without one? No back ache from a bag on one shoulder or asking my husband to carry (which he is so sweet to always do). But even he agreed the belt bag is the bomb!

fanny pack 23.JPG
fanny pack 14.JPG
fanny pack 9.JPG

My Look

I’m wearing a white tee, denim cutoffs, sneakers and a belt bag. It was only in the upper 60s on the day I took these pictures so I added a fabulous blazer. I think a navy blazer is a basic that everyone can use. This is one I found at Nordstrom Rack for 50% off. It is very well made and the perfect classic style. My shorts have taken the blogger world by storm and I have to say, they are the best I have ever had. I picked up two pair full price because they are that good. No regrets. I’ve had them a couple of months now and wear them at some point almost every day. My tee is Lucky brand with beautiful embroidery in white (old), my pink belt bag ($10) and matching sneakers ($10) were a steal and the perfect touch to a casual look. These items may be in your local store if they are out of stock online in your size.

fanny pack 7.JPG

Products I’ve Been Using

I thought I would share my favorite products right now. They contain most the ingredients that are recommended for anti-aging.

This summer for a little help with my tan I use Jergen’s Wet Skin Moisturizer. It is so nice because it moisturizes, firms and tans all in one. You just shower, turn off the shower, while still in the shower you put a small amount on arms, legs and where ever you want it then you pat dry. No dark stains anywhere and no odor. I love it.

I get a little natural tan because I am outside at 15 to 30 minute periods a few times a day. I have silly tan marks on my feet from my flip flops because of it. Sometimes my walks are 50 minutes long but I never allow my skin to burn. I never did let myself burn even as a young girl. I don’t like to get that hot. Common sense tells you that it is not a good thing. I am not a big fan of sunscreens and research is showing the incidence of skin cancer has gone up since the big push to wear it non stop. Some reports say it is chemicals in the creams and some say it is due to the lack of vitamin D we absorb through our skin. Recommendations now are that pregnant women not use it. But go ahead and slather it on until we figure out if it is safe. Notice how we are now being told to supplement vitamin D? I’m not recommending anything this is just my perspective from the research I’ve read. I’m a skeptic by heart and am always reading the latest research because it is ever changing. Natural always seems to win over chemicals.

I have used Rose Hip Seed Oil for years for removing make up and as a moisturizer for my face and neck. It is all natural and works so well for me. I use the Cerave cleanser after I remove my make up and then I use the Cerave AM or PM depending if it is morning or night. I’ve used the Olay for years also and think it is the best thing out there. Just this summer I added Gold Bond Ultimate neck and chest firming cream. So far I like it but no miracles yet. Ha ha.

I am wearing OPI nail polish in these pictures in Pretty Pink Perseveres. Lately when I go get a mani/pedi I don’t have them do the polish. That way I can change out as I want. I hate being stuck with the same color for weeks.

What are your favorite products and routines? We would all love to hear!

fanny pack 5.JPG

Create Your Own Look

I’m linking my exact belt bag ( I have it in the pink and the black) I am wearing the S/M so it is tts. My exact shorts are also linked and tts for me, size 27. Lots of people say they sized down and I could have but they would have been too short. My tee is old. Linking exact sneakers (I have them in red and pink) wearing size 7 but the 8s would have been fine. They don’t come in half sizes. For reference I wear 7.5. Linking exact sunglasses. The blazer was bought in store at Nordstrom Rack. I’m linking options for everything. My nail polish is OPI Pretty Pink Perseveres.

fanny pack 6.JPG

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Suits Me Just Fine

suit 6.JPG

The Scoop

Nothing says, “I got this” more than a crisp suit. When I worked at the university my “go to” look was a suit. When I had an important meeting, speaking engagement or a deadline I always put on a power suit. They made me feel confident and ready for anything.

That’s why I am so loving that they are on trend this year. My gosh all the beautiful suits. I didn’t go out and buy a suit for this look because I wanted to show you that you probably have a suit in your closet. And it is perfect for any occasion. From barbecues to weddings they are the “it” look.

I’m not done suiting up this summer either, I have plans to wear shorts suits and skirt suits in all colors and styles. I have lots of blazers and jackets and I can almost always find a bottom that completes the suit look. They don’t need to be the same fabric or even the same color. That is the beauty of today’s suit trend.

suit 1.JPG
suit 5.JPG

My Look

This is not a suit as in the pieces don’t match and weren’t bought together. I got the pants many years ago because I wanted at least a couple of pairs of white slacks in my closet and the jacket was bought at a consignment store several years ago. My mules are fabulous white Calvin Klein’s (old also) and my cami is the infamous Express “Down Town” cami that every blogger swears by, including me. I have them in a couple of whites, cream, a couple of blacks, a mustard and a hot pink. Love love love these well made, lined, last for years cami’s. My bag was bought several years ago and was a splurge but I knew it was timeless in the black and white. It is a Michael Kors. I put on white Bauble Bar earrings, a white Chico’s Friendship bracelet and my apple watch with the leopard band. Lastly I have my initial necklace in gold. My closet is so curated after all these years that I rarely even need to buy new things. I love timeless pieces like each part of this look.

suit 9.JPG
suit 10.JPG

Mug Shot

I call this my mug shot. I have been doing a picture for a lot of my posts holding a mug and telling you the story behind the mug. This is my PBS mug. My god I love PBS television. It is almost all I watch. The things I Iearn are amazing and my view changes often after knowing more about a topic. My guilty pleasure now is watching the show The Durrells in Corfu. OMG, you must watch this series. There are three seasons now and one more is planned.

I also love all the cooking shows, they are far superior to the ones on the cooking channels. I leaned about boulder climbing on PBS and about Wilma Mankiller the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation. What an inspiring story.

But really in this picture I just wanted to eat my cookie. Ha ha. Below is a picture of the batch I made and the recipe. I added the peanut butter to the recipe and it worked perfectly but it is optional.

cookie recipe.JPG
suit 11.JPG

Create Your Own Look

When I started looking for options I found it very difficult. Suits are terribly expensive but I found some fabulous items! Remember it is most fun to mix and match! Think outside the box and put items together that compliment but don’t match perfectly.

suit 13.JPG

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Black For Summer Style

black 7.JPG

The Scoop

I don’t think of wearing black as much in the summer as I do the rest of the year but I found this black top and thought it was so classic and the perfect thing to wear on a summer day. Come along with me through my house as I show you this look and some of the rooms of my house.

The first picture is my (above) dining room.

black 8JPG.JPG

This is our family room where we watch TV and hang out. It is open to the kitchen so am always part of the action when cooking or cleaning.

black 6.JPG

Here I am standing in my kitchen. A few days after I took these pictures I did another project in the kitchen. I painted the pantry door. My husband has went on and on about how much hes loves the results. I am always working on a project which is why I love this house. There are many projects to be done!

Create Your Own Look

Linking my exact top, bag, sunglasses and lots of other fabulous options most of which I have in my closet. The Steve Madden wedge sandals are on my extreme wish list!

black 5.JPG

My Look

I’m wearing a black top from Amazon, black 7 For All Mankind jeans, Steve Madden wedge sandals my Cult Gaia bag. Everything is old but the top. My earrings are old too and added a pop of color to this look. They are by Bauble Bar. My sunglasses are also from Amazon and I have three pairs of them in different colors because I love them so much. My coffee mug is by Rae Dunn an artist that does all sorts of dishes with fun sweet sayings on them. I have a couple of mugs and some flower pots in my kitchen that I grow herbs in. I watch and pick up a piece when I find one I like. This mug says Be You.

black 4.JPG

This is our front or formal living room and the room you enter when you come in the front door. I love the old fashion vibe of inviting guests into the front room to visit.

black 3.JPG

This is the formal living room too. The stairs lead up to the second and third floors. If you include the basement you have five elevations in this house. It is kind of funky that way and another reason I love the place.

Below is my pantry door project. So far in our kitchen we have put in new granite counters, all new appliances, I painted all the walls and now the the pantry door. I am still thinking about the cabinets on whether I want to paint or leave alone. I really like the wood look right now so I am not in a hurry to do anything. I also love the library pulls on the drawers. They are old but back on trend now. It goes to show if you wait long enough things come back around. Ha ha.

pantry door.JPG

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The Shirt Dress, A Summer Staple

shirt dress 20.JPG

The Scoop

So today’s post was fun to put together in that I was looking for different ways to style a shirt dress. It wasn’t too difficult to come up with three ways to wear one since there are a lot of YouTube videos showing several fabulous ways to style a shirt dress. I think these dresses are probably the most versatile piece of clothing out there.

shirt dress 19.JPG

Look One

For the first look I just simple wore the dress. Mine didn’t come with a belt so I added one that I already had. It is an old macrame belt that I thought worked perfectly. Sandals and a summer bag and that was all I needed to complete this look.

redress 12.JPG

Look Two

For this look I wore the dress as a duster. I took a basic white column of white jeans and a white tee and added a belt to the jeans. I wore sandals and carried a matching bag and this look was complete.

shirt dress 10.JPG

Create You Own Look

I’m linking fabulous shirt dress options!

shirt dress 1.JPG

Look Three

For my final look I wore the dress as a top with the jeans. This was my favorite look. I belted the top and added heels this time to elevate the look. A summer clutch completed this look.

shirt dress 5.JPG

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Travel Day Look

green top 12.JPG

The Scoop

The day I took these pictures we decided to head down to the city for a few days. The highs in the mountains were only in the 50s and low 60s and I needed to warm up. So we packed up and now we are enjoying the 70s and 80s. Funny how much difference a hundred miles can make.

I finally got my hair cut and now am practicing with my flat iron to create waves. I think once I get better at it I will really love the look.

green top 8.JPG

My Look

My look for traveling that day was my mom jeans and a fun green off-the-shoulder top. I added a belt with tassels, sandals and a summer bag to complete my look.

green top 6.JPG

Create Your Own Look

Here are fabulous options for your look!

green top 5.JPG

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P.S. I started a new IG Account called @northwestmountainliving. If you want to follow along check it out because I will be linking all my outfits and maybe adding some try-on haul stories soon!

Its All About Showing Up- a little story about aging

fit 1.JPG

The Scoop

I haven’t done a fitness post for a while and since that is one of the things I think about and work on the most I thought I would share how it’s going. If you follow me much you know that I love to stay active and eat healthy. But I also love to have fun and treat myself to all the things I love.

The last couple of years I have noticed that I struggle a little more with keeping up the activities I love. I’m a little slower, more prone to sore muscles and less motivated to do difficult activities. My weight is up a few pounds over where I feel best this past year too. And I find it harder to be disciplined enough to drop the weight which for me means cutting calories. This is all new to me. My whole like if I wanted to lose a few pounds I could do it in a few weeks. So I have been reevaluating my whole routine.

Here is what I am doing right now. First I try to do what is right for my body at least 80% of the time. That has been a life-long rule for me. I am still at a healthy weight so I mostly will just maintain my 125 to 127 pounds (which is where my weight seems to have settled) rather than worry about being 120 pounds. If what I do helps me lose a few pounds I will be fine with it. I have been doing HIIT runs,meaning that I do a five minute walk to warm up then I run at top speed for a minute and then walk for a minute and repeat for 30 minutes on hills. I do this every other day. On the opposite days I have been doing a 30 minute yoga session followed by a three mile walk on the trails around here that are very hilly. I work in a day off every few days.

I have been studying the new research on strength training and am finding there is a lot of false information out there in main stream media. Strength training doesn’t only mean you have to be in a gym with machines or free weights. There are many ways to build muscle that is lost through sarcopenia (muscle loss due to ageing). Running, hiking and even walking builds strength and muscle. Not only can it prevent sarcopenia it can reverse muscle loss due to aging. Here is a great article that sorts out some of the things we hear in the media today. My goal is to push my muscles to failure or to exhaustion because that is what builds muscle. I do that through my HIIT runs, hiking, and even my yoga pushes my muscles to exhaustion. Have you ever hiked or done somethings similar and felt your leg muscles go weak? Or with yoga you push your arm muscles until they shake? That’s the key.

As for eating I have not been meeting my normal standards. I am craving lots of unhealthy things and so I really have to think about what I am eating. As a rule we eat lots of vegetable, beans, legumes, etc., fresh fruits, lean meats in small amounts, etc. We have been trying pastas made of lentils, quinoa, and garbanzo beans and we really like them. I have a glass wine only a few times a week since alcohol can do a lot of damage. But I make brownies and cookies which probably aren’t the best for us. But at least they are home made so no preservatives and things like that.

My weight is up also because my hormones are out of balance. I have used bio identical hormones since I went thorough menopause at the age of 47 and recent tests showed I was getting too much estrogen and testosterone which among other things makes you hungry thus my eating like a teenage boy. Ha ha! So I am working with my doctor to adjust my dosages. I can already tell a difference and it’s only been a couple of weeks.

Anyway the point of me sharing all this is to say staying fit as most things in life ebbs and flows. There are easy times, good times, and then more difficult or down right hard times. One thing I know for sure is it is all about showing up. Each day is a new day and a chance to be good to my body. I just turned 59 and I am very aware that you can retain what you can’t regain. I know if I stop taking care of myself it is all down hill. So I show up!

fit 4.JPG
fit 6.JPG
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Fun Thing

I watch a lot of public television and recently I saw a show talking about the popularity of boulder climbing. Yes people climb big boulders for fun here in Idaho! It was crazy to watch. I consider myself a boulder jumper. We have lots of big boulders around our house in the mountains and for years I have ran at them and half climbed half jumped for pictures for my blog. I use a tripod and timer so that means I have ten seconds to get my butt up and in position. I have had so many laughs as I miss my target or fall. There I am in the middle of nowhere, by myself laughing like a nut trying to get a picture. Lots of times I get up and realize I lost my high heels and there they are laying the ground. Ha ha. The boulder in the picture below is small so one good hop and I was up but some require much more work.

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Full On Summer Look

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The Scoop

I didn’t get this post out as early as I planned today but here it is! I have been down in the city and I didn’t take my laptop because I had tons of errands and appointments and knew I wouldn’t have time to work on the blog.

When I got up this morning there was frost on the ground here in the mountains. Burr! Our highs were only in the 50s yesterday and will only be about 65 today. That’s a big shift from last week when it was in the 70s and 80s. That’s when I took these pictures. Now I’m back in my jeans and sweatshirts. This whole week is going to be 60s and low 70s which is not bad. It is great for runs, hikes and long walks so I’m good with it.

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My Look

While it was so warm I wore this outfit and loved it! I love an easy summer look. This top is so comfy and screams summer time. And these sandals are so good! Nothing in my closet right now feels more comfortable than these and I love the chambray color. These will be my favorite sandals for summer. My shorts are old as is my hat and my bag that I got at our local thrift shop. For jewelry I’m wearing bauble bar earrings in a pale pink, a white friendship bracelet and my apple watch.

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking my exact top, shoes, earrings and watch and then options!

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I had to wear a hat because my hair has been a mess lately. I got a haircut yesterday so maybe that will help. I also got a new flat iron that I am loving to use to make beachy waves. I will tell you more about it soon. I didn’t have it for these pictures but tried it yesterday and am amazed!

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Hello Yellow

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The Scoop

Feeling so accomplished here as this is my second post of the week and I have photos in the can for another full week. While I write this we are in the mountains for the week and I have been doing so well on my fitness. I have been doing HIIT runs, yoga and long walks daily. I am at a point where I can feel my age and I know if I don’t keep moving it will be a slippery slope. So my days here in the mountains have been a lot of self care. I turned 59 a couple of weeks ago and time isn’t slowing down so there is no time like the present to “choose happy” and be good to me.

The weather is turning cold (highs in the 50s) for a few days so we will be heading to the city for dentist appointments and hair cuts later this week. I am having a time with my hair so it’s time for a trim.

As I go through this post I will point out a few of my home DIYs from this spring. In the family room I painted the walls a linen color and the cabinetry white. I added crystal knobs to the cabinet doors. I left the shelves the oak color because I like the contrast. The top of the fireplace mantel was also left the oak color. I hung sheer curtains and the room now is so calming and comfortable.

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My Look

I just got this top and I was mostly drawn to the beautiful yellow color. Plus it is the perfect top for hot weather. It has been mostly in the 70s and 80s which means its time for comfortable tops. I wore a pair of white jeans but white shorts would be great with this top too. Summer sandals and a fun bag completed this look.

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Dining Room

Behind me is our dinning room. I painted the walls above the chair rails the same linen color and below the chair rails I painted it a dark blue. It is called dark denim. I hung dark denim blue and white curtains and we had the built in buffet top replaced from tile to granite that has tons of dark blues. Love this room so much!

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My Sunglasses

I love these sunglasses so much that I ordered them in a gradient tortoise color. I wear them all the time.

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Formal Living Room

The formal living room will have to be painted by professionals because of the two story high walls and ceilings. I plan to tackle that this fall when we are there full time. Wood floors go throughout the house and I want to sand them all down and re-stain them. I haven’t decided on a color. The wood on the steps is in a herringbone design and I love them.

I’ll show you the kitchen in a future post. We updated the counter tops to granite, painted and put in new appliances. I love the space so much and it is perfect for cooking which is another hobby of mine.

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Create Your Own Look

Linking my exact top, sandals, sunglasses and bag. I also added a couple of other sunglasses I got this year that I really like.

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Halter Tops

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The Scoop

It is absolutely fabulous weather now and I am enjoying wearing all the summer things in my closet. There is so much to do when the weather is nice and I am loving being so busy. On this day we were going to Trader Joe’s for shopping and then out to lunch. And a shopping day is never complete until we stop by Costco too.

Our weeks are divided up between our house in the city and our house in the mountains so I get all the advantages of the bustling city and those of the quiet country life. As it gets hotter though we will be in the mountains most of the week.

I have been going to the trails in town to walk or run this year since we have bears hanging out around our trails at the house and they are way to close for comfort. When we came back this week we had bear paw prints on the car windows of our car we left in the drive way. They are such curious creatures. They have tried to get into our garage and my husbands shop.

Bear proof trash cans are required here because they will keep coming back if you have trash they can dig through. We have watched them wrestle our big bear proof trash cans all over the place trying to get them open. But as we are here more they will move on because they really don’t like to be around people.

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My Look

This top was so popular last year when I got it and I still love it this season. The bright colors are right up my ally and I love the halter style. It reminds me of the tops we used to make when I was a teenager. We used a soft cotton rope for the ties and cold make one is minutes.

I wore the top with a pair of old shorts and sandals. I am mixing high and low in this look. My bag is a dupe of bags that cost around $250 that I got for about $25. My sandals are the real Tory Burch but you can now gets dupes for them. I have to say the real ones are so comfortable and I wear them a lot. My earrings are from Tuckernuck and several years old but I wear them a lot because they are my favorite color. My apple watch and a Chico’s friendship bracelet completed my look.

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking beautiful halter tops, my same Tory Burch sandals, my dupe bag and the designer version and my exact apple watch (the best thing I have ever bought for my fitness). I couldn’t find similar shorts but linked some that were cute and I couldn’t find the dupe sandals on Amazon but I know they are there.

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P.S. I started a new IG Account called @northwestmountainliving. If you want to follow along check it out because I will be linking all my outfits and maybe adding some try-on haul stories soon!