Northwest Mountain Living & Style
Northwest Mountain Living & Style
by Cheryl Tucker


Phase Three

Building on your accomplishments in phase two, I will show you additional ways to grow your blog through the use of hosting link ups, affiliate links, newsletters, campaigns, and pop ups as well as additional social media tools. 

I've experimented with many affiliate programs, advertising opportunities as well as newsletter and popup services and have a lot to share on the topic. I'll be available via multiple avenues including phone, email. text, video conferencing, etc. to answer questions throughout the process. I continue to learn as I create new content and plan to share my experiences with you as we put together the blog that reflects who you are.

This phase will take no more than 30 days after Phase Two is completed.

What you will need:

  1. Complete Phase One and Two

Total Cost: $100.00 (this is an introductory price)