Northwest Mountain Living & Style
Northwest Mountain Living & Style
by Cheryl Tucker


Phase One

I will Create your personal blog including all pages you will need to share your story. I will then show you how to add posts at intervals that work for you so you have control of your content.

A personal blog tells your story and helping you tell that story begins with a conversation in which you help me understand how you want to tell your story. I won't design a blog until I am convinced that I understand and can fulfill your vision through the pictures and words of a website. There are many ways to tell a story. I tell my story through the art of fashion and country life. Others tell stories through their passion for cooking, running or raising a family. It can all be shared through a story on a blog.

When we decide we are a fit and that I fully see your vision, I will lead you through the process of choosing a blog name, acquiring a domain, and connecting to an appropriate email. 

We will discuss your vision for your blog and the different themes such as lifestyle, fashion, cooking, business etc. and with that information I will design the site for you.  

For the initial blog design you will provide me with pictures and information specific to your blog and what you want to convey to your market/audience. Google pictures or email will be used to share your pictures with me and I will resize and edit appropriately. I do not Photoshop photos.

We will want to construct pages such as, About, Contact, Home, and anything else that is part of a personal blog. I will create a traditional blog layout with your blog posts on the left and other content on the sidebar on the right. To help you come to a layout decision I will provide you with a few blog sites to review.

After the blog is designed, I will show you how to add and schedule posts and advise you on frequency of posting. You will have full control of your content. I will show you how to crop and resize your pictures so they download quickly and you can write your content and schedule when to publish. I will give you all the tips and tricks I use to be efficient.

This phase will take no more than 30 days.

What you will need:

  1. Computer with Internet access
  2. Basic internet skills, i. e. ability to email, send pictures through email and navigate the internet
  3. Read and Agree to Northwest Mountain Living's Blog Design Service Agreement here

What I will do:

  1. Set up your domain with Do Daddy
  2. Set up Content Management System (CMS) with Squarespace
  3. Design your blog
  4. Teach you to add your posts
  5. Transfer your blog to you

Your Total Cost: $300.99

Breakdown of costs:

Go Daddy Domain (1 yr subscription)  $.99 for first domain (Go Daddy Pricing as of 6/6/17)*

SQUARESPACE Content Management System (1 Yr subscription) $150.00 (SQUARESPACE pricing as of 6/6/17)*

Blog Design and hand off $150.00

*I will inform you of pricing changes if any by these companies prior to any commitments.