How tall are you?

People often think I am taller than I am. I guess in my pictures I look tall. I am officially 4 feet 3/4 inches tall. I say I am 5 feet 5 inches.

Who takes your pictures?

I have always taken my own pictures using a camera and tripod. I just set the timer for 10 seconds and run to my position. That is why it often looks like I am laughing because it cam be pretty funny dive bombing into the frame. I am so used to it now I doubt I could let anyone else take pictures and be comfortable. 

what is your background/education?

I have a bachelors degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism and a minor in art history. I have a masters degree in Education and a doctoral degree in education with an emphasis in Healthcare education. 

I spent my career working in medical schools starting out as an academic assistant and working my way up to an assistant professor and an associate dean. 

I now work for an educational consulting firm mostly doing educational research. This allows me to work from home and gives me time for my hobby blog.


Where do you live?

Most of the year I live in a little resort town in the Northwest Mountains of Idaho. I live out in the country on 22 acres of forest. We get tons of snow in the winter so we spend a lot of time in Arizona during those months.

why did you start blogging?

Most of my life I have worked and raised a family. I never had a hobby or did anything for myself. When I sons grew up I decided to start a blog as a creative outlet. I love fashion, home decorating, cooking, being outdoors and my dogs so I use all that inspiration to fill my blog.

Who designs your blog?

I designed my blog and maintain it exclusively including all technical elements. I think blog is my favorite part of blogging. I use a content management system (CMI) called Squarespace.  I love all the technical and artistic challenges related to blogging.