Northwest Mountain Living & Style
Northwest Mountain Living & Style
by Cheryl Tucker

Northwest Mountain Living's Blog Design Service Agreement

Welcome to Northwest Mountain Living's Blog Design Service. Above all, I want you to know that I will do everything I can within our agreement to ensure that you meet the goals you have for your blog. Please read the following before agreeing to our services.

At present I work only with SQUARESPACE, a Content Management System (CMS) that I am very familiar with and find to be the best in the industry. Over time you will see that SQUARESPACE'S many features will make your work easier, and your blog more professional. I will provide an initial one year subscription.

I use Go Daddy for acquiring domains. They have been providing this service for many years and are used extensively in the industry of website development. I will acquire your domain name subscription for one year. 

Together we will develop a Timeline for your blog design and as long as you are able to supply me with necessary feedback we will have no delays. A lack of timely feedback is the most common cause of failing to meet a development schedule.

I will not be responsible for the size of your Blog Audience. I will not ensure number of viewers/views or any element of blog data. This is something you acquire with blog content that matches your readers interest. Some people develop a larger readership faster than others but it should come with consistent publishing.

At the end of the design phase (Phase One) of your blog, I will Transfer management of your blog CMS (SQUARESPACE) and the domain provider (Go Daddy) to you.  You will be responsible for renewing annually. I will provide you with all details.

Payment for Phase One is due at time of agreement. Phase Two and Three will be due if and when you decide to move forward with them. I want you to be satisfied and will not hold someone to an agreement if they are not satisfied with my services. In the event that you decide not to continue our relationship, I will refund fees for technical services not already procured and for time not yet spent on my part. For example, if we have already purchased a first year's service for your domain and CMS (SQUARESPACE), this portion of the fee is no longer refundable. However, if I have completed only half of your blog design, the remaining half of that fee is fully refundable. I do not expect that this will be an issue but please ask if you have any questions.

Note: Fill out the form below and submit, you will have to go to your email and confirm your agreement to complete the process. 

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I agree with the terms and conditions of the Northwest Mountain Living Blog Design Service Agreement.