I am a mature woman who loves art in every form, especially fashion. Realizing the media is made up of many more young women than women my age, made me want to try to balance the representation, even if just a little bit. It is my hope that I can make an impact on how women are seen in society as they age. It all starts here, one blog and at time.  

My home is in the west central mountains of Idaho. I live in a small rural resort town that is best known as the place to go for both summer and winter sports.

I have a bachelors degree in Communications, a masters degree in Education and a doctoral degree in Education. Most of my career was spent working in Medical Education where I started out as a director of clinical education and worked my way up to associate dean. In 2006 I went to work for an Educational Consulting Firm as Vice President of Learning Innovations. I continue to work with this firm while I dabble in this hobby blog. 

I have two sons, one is a Business Analyst and the other is a Doctor of Neuropsychology. They have amazing wives that I consider my daughters. I also have the sweetest, cutest little grandson and namesake granddaughter. I couldn't be a luckier lady!

I love animals and have two canine best friends named McCall and Stella. You will see them photo bombing many of my pictures. I have always loved fashion, home decorating, cooking, anything to do with the great outdoors and wine. I started running in my mid forties and continue to run to this day because it is my form of meditation. I was really into competitive 5ks but now mostly do trail runs near my home.

This blog is my happy place. I'm not trying to cure cancer or make social change, outside of hopefully promoting a healthy attitude toward women as they age. Its just a space I've created to share fun things that make me and hopefully you, smile, if only for a minute. So, thanks for stopping by my happy place. I hope you keep coming back.